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Carrières Saviane · Geographical Indication Burgundy stone

Best quality for our stone

Geographical Indication is an official sign of identification of the quality and origins (SIQO). It is issued by the State and supervised by the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). GI is used to designate a product with the name of its territory of origin having quality and reputation associated to this territory, as our Burgundy stones.

Since June 2018, this is the first time we make use of Geographical Indication for the French limestone. GI helps us to care and promote traditional craftsmanship. This how we can ensure traceability, quality and authenticity of our stone. Certipaq is a conformity assessment body which verifies the compliance of the product specifications, ensures traceability « Burgundy Stone » and certifies the origin of the finished product.

Our certificate IGPIA-36 V01 attachment